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"I love seeing Jeri for my hair. She has a gift for cutting hair in such a way that brings out a person's best features.Her intuitive style is unique and I always leave her salon feeling beautiful inside and out."


- Dr. Amie Shimmel, client

"AMAZING! If you want the BEST hair experience ever, see Jeri at Trio Salon. I’ve been to many salons around Chicago but after finding Trio, my search was over. Jeri listens to you, what you like and dislike and then together determines the best cut and style. I am always thrilled with the results and constantly getting compliments on my hair. Her expertise speaks for itself. She is up on the latest trends, cares about her customers, is a friendly, exceptional stylist and a wonderful person. You’ll never leave there unhappy. The friendly atmosphere and professionalism of the whole staff just adds to an already amazing experience."


- Mary Patton, client

"I have been going to Jeri Delgado for over 15 years. She is a "hair artist". I am a professional and not afraid to admit that I am vain, especially about my hair. Jeri is simply outstanding at her craft. She has a unique knack of knowing how to cut/style men's hair to suit their face and personality. This quality in a stylist is very difficult to find and once you do you stick with it. Jeri teaches courses around the world and has an international reputation, but that is not what is important to me. What is important is that she takes pride in what she does and treats you as if you were a patient, not simply a client. As a surgeon, I have limited patience and Jeri takes the full hour to cut my hair. Though this is a long time, Jeri knows how to make it go fast, leave you alone if she senses you don't want to talk, or engage in conversation if that is what suits you. All that being said, going to Jeri is not only to get the best haircut possible, but it is also somewhat therapeutic. I feel very lucky to have found Jeri and highly recommend her to anyone who cares about their hair and haircut experience."


- S Levin, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

"Jeri Delgado helped me realize that I could be gorgeous by cutting my hair. Like Michelangelo seeing the beautiful image hidden in the rocks of the quarry, Jeri saw my beauty hidden in my hair and like a true artist she made me beautiful. It's one thing to give a stunning hair cut but quite another to help bring out lovliness from within others and really make them shine on the outside. That is the magic of Jeri Delgado."


- Timna Pilch, Intuitive

"Jeri Delgado, a gifted hairstylist, has been designing my hair styles and cutting my hair for over 15 years. Without exception, every hairstyle she has created for me during the past ten years has been perfect whether it be one of my short or my current very long hairstyles. I get compliments on my hairstyle constantly, regardless of whether Jeri's cut is one week or three months old. Jeri has the ability to cut hair to frame her client's face in a beautiful way while ensuring that the cut has a longevity that allows the hairstyle to be gorgeous long after she cut it. One of Jeri's greatest talents is her intuitive ability to know what I want for my hair cut and her ability to meld that with what will look great on me. When arriving in the salon for a haircut, I only need tell Jeri a few words or a sentence about what I want with my haircut and I then relax while she works her magic. Jeri is a consummate professional, classy lady, pleasure to be around and kind. 

Aside from her professional abilities, Jeri is a really great person. 

Pros: Jeri is a talented, smart, creative and gifted hair stylist. Cons: Absolutely none."


- Cynthia Kostelecky, client

"I first met Jeri Delgado 15 years ago when she was recommended to me by my daughter-in-law as a hair stylist. We hit it off immediately. I love her upbeat personality and concern for my satisfaction with her work. I have short, fine hair and I am never disappointed by Jeri's creativity. She cuts my husband's hair and has cut our daughter's hair as well. To this day, I still drive 100+ miles to have Jeri style my hair. It has been worth it. Jeri is the best!!!!!"


- Mary Anna Swennumson, client

"I had the good fortune to meet Jeri 10 years ago. A friend who had been seeing Jeri for awhile suggested I give her a try. The first time I met Jeri, the only direction I gave her was to do whatever she thought was best. The result was an amazing cut. Fast forward 10 years, my wife, sisters, mother, brother in-law and daughter all go to Jeri. Jeri not only understands what are the best looks for her clients, but more importantly, she understands at what pace a customer is comfortable making changes. Trust is Jeri's number one priority, and she goes to great lengths to build it. I have never directed anyone to Jeri who did not end up becoming a regular customer."


- D. Sandner, client

"I have known Jeri Delgado for the past 7 years, she has been my hair stylist both for my personal and professional career. I have been living in Chicago for the past 20 years and have found it very difficult to find top quality and reliable hair stylists. Jeri has an amazing ability to style my hair in a way that is beyond my personal foresight, I trust her completely. She is full of ideas and inspiration for new trendy haircuts and color, she is very creative and has a good eye. I wouldn’t want anyone else styling my hair."


- Marlena Serbanescu, designer

"Jeri is my style guru. Anyone who's been to her knew at first glance they were in the right hands. She's been cutting my hair for over a decade, and her talent, creativity and caring have never ceased to amaze me. Each cutting session begins with Jeri asking me to "tell all" about my hair since our last cut. She listens to every word of concern and desire and instinctively knows how to enhance, tweak and otherwise bring out my very best features. And this wonderful consultation isn't confined to a hair cut alone. Jeri has a way of inspiring a total look, from the suggestion of a new lip color to the inspiration towards a fashion-forward direction. No matter how I felt when I walked into the salon, I always leave feeling confident, beautiful and refreshed, turning heads as I go."


- Kitty Tataryn, realtor

"Working in the beauty industry for many years, I have met many hairstylists but only one stands out, Jeri Delgado! I have never met a hairstylist so passionate about her work.  For the past two years my hair has never felt and looked better. Chicago has extreme weather and she knows exactly what my hair needs to stay healthy and nourished all year round.  She truly is an artist.  She makes my hair happy! Love you Jeri!" 


- Josie Lozano, client